COPYWRITINGThe last differentiator standing
Copywriting is arguably the most important tool of the marketing mix: communicating with your target audience about your product or service and persuading them of its merits. I excel at expressing ideas in clear, crisp English that enhances credibility and grabs attention. You’ll get engaging, sophisticated yet user-friendly text and compelling messaging that is syntactically and grammatically correct. As a linguaphile, I’m hardwired to notice every misplaced punctuation mark, subject/verb mismatch, and improperly-modified gerund.

CASE STUDIES Stories that generate leads
Case studies are key parts of your corporate resume. They explain how you help customers solve problems, deal with challenges, and reach business goals. They help prospective customers size up your potential for helping them. I will describe your project in a story format or direct pitch, whichever you prefer.

GHOSTWRITINGLeave the idea mining to me
Publishing value-added content is a key driver of customer engagement and sales. I ghostwrite books, articles, and white papers that draw on ideas and insights from stakeholders who have knowledge, experience, and points of view that may help prompt a buyer to act. The biggest challenge for many clients is figuring out what to say. I’m an idea miner who will dig, dredge, and excavate possible topics until we hit gold.

EMAIL MARKETING & DIRECT MAILLet them know you’re there
A regular program of email marketing and/or direct mail will help ensure that when a potential client does have a need for what you’re selling, your contact information is close at hand. With your message atop the desk or among saved emails, you’re one step ahead of the competition and more likely to get a call.

MESSAGE DEVELOPMENTPositioning, differentiation, branding
Sometimes your competitive advantages are clear — and I’ll brag about them until the cows come home. I will develop messaging anchors for different audience segments and consistently communicate your brand and value proposition. Even if you [think you] don’t have strong points of differentiation, we can look at how you present at each customer touch point to help persuade your audience and best the competition. And if there’s just no difference between your widget and theirs, you’ll still have superior copy — words carefully chosen and strategically placed to set you apart from the crowd.

TAGLINESYour value prop in 10 words or less
Your tagline captures the essence of your marketing offer. It’s a short slogan with a big job: To convey one or more attributes of your brand character and promise. A tagline will help increase your visibility — a memorable one will have people using it at the water cooler and the dinner table. A tagline gives your company a personality while expressing a key differentiator.

DIGITAL DESIGN – I design or can teach you to design
I create digital images for blog posts and social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. I also teach digital design using a free graphic design program by industry leader Adobe. The fee is $95 for a one-hour lesson on Skype. You do not need any prior design experience. At the end of our lesson you will be able to create stunning posts for use on social media or your website.  For more information, please visit