Messaging for a Change in Strategic Focus – B2B

Equips is a financial equipment maintenance and insurance company that changed its business model to a management services organization. It needed new website messaging and collateral that reflected the transformation. I worked with the principals to develop copy to capture the new brand and focus. They were very impressed with my rendition of their concept, liked my “visceral, colorful” language, and were glad they decided to hire a professional copywriter because the quality was way above what they could do in-house.

Crafting an Identity & Brand Personality – B2B, B2C

Investment Professionals (IPI) was a very successful 16-year-old broker-dealer without an identity or message that set them apart from competitors. They needed new communications to support their strategic plan to grow market share in their core business and launch two additional lines of business. I worked with IPI’s Director of Marketing to distill IPI’s positioning and points of differentiation throughout the organization. We developed an “IPI Story” and messaging around how the firm employs best practices in human resources and compliance to stay among the top performers in its market segment. I integrated this messaging into an awareness-building campaign targeted to five audience groups (financial advisors, senior community bank executives, investors, the media, employees) and developed all copy for the firm’s new website, brochures, sell sheets, press releases, email and postcard campaigns, turnkey marketing solutions for financial advisors, and more.

Generating Leads

My direct mail pieces helped a client get Oprah to talk about her product and a major bookstore chain to sell it. One B2C lead generation letter produced a 13% response rate. My copy helped drive a 25% increase in sales on a niche dating site. And my SEO press releases were highly effective in raising IPI’s Google rankings.   

Communicating with New Target Markets and Distribution Channels

For the bulk of its 90+ year history, TIAA-CREF’s target market for its financial products were educators and medical researchers. In 2001 the company began executing a strategic plan to expand its product line for existing clients and cross sell, broaden its target audience, and add fee-based advisers as a distribution channel. Pursuant to the marketing plan, I wrote original copy for collateral to promote life insurance, long-term care insurance, mutual funds, annuities, and 529 plans emphasizing TIAA’s value propositions of low expenses and a Triple A rating for financial strength. Formats included direct mail, website, and newsletters on personal financial planning and long-term care.

Projecting Professionalism, Inspiring Confidence

Unlimited 1 Adjustments is a licensed public insurance adjuster whose first choice of a website copywriter turned out to be a classic case of “you get what you pay for.” The company’s Marketing Director had a keen appreciation for what constitutes appropriate content as well as proper English grammar and syntax. He hired me to articulate the firm’s value propositions and rewrite the website. I developed on point, clear copy that transformed the firm’s public image to conform to the reality of the successful, top-notch firm behind the pixels.